Saturday, 14 November 2015


Had a fabulous crafty day yesterday at my local craft store, making a canvas. The course was run by the very talented Hels Sheridan, one of my favourite crafters.

We worked on our canvases for around five hours, with a break for lunch, trying out lots of different techniques under expert tuition. This is my sort of crafting! I've been crafting for a lot of years now, starting off with card making, but have realised my true passion lies in mixed media. I have a huge box of cards I have made over the years, and so I only make cards now for specific occasions.

This started off as a plain white canvas, and the focus was on building up different layers using papers, different types of paint, embellishments, gilding waxes etc. Mine is the pink version, based on the blue one designed by Hels which was used as our inspiration. There were seven of us on the course, and each one was completely different. I was absolutely thrilled with mine :-) and I got a lot of positive comments from everyone. It is always nice when people take the time to give you feedback and compliments 😊


  1. Congratulations. You did such beautiful work, that if you had not told me, I would never have known which was your, from the one the instructor made. You did just that well, and then some. I actually, and honestly prefer your pick one. Good work!! :)

  2. Thank you so much Sandie - your comment has made my day :-) I know people like my work, but very few people make the effort to leave a comment apart from yourself. It gets very disheartening!