Saturday, 8 August 2015

Buttons, string, felt......

Just been exploring this wonderful online shop, which Lucy from Attic24 had mentioned in her latest blog post.  Oh my!  Not just buttons, but lovely fabrics, felt, ribbon, twine and various other crafty bits.

I do confess to being a buttonoholic :)  As a child I loved my mum's button tin (which I still have), and that's where my obsession with buttons first started!  I seem to have quite a collection now - occasionally I'll incorporate them in cards (if I can bear to part with them lol) and can never resist adding to my collection.

Do also visit one of my favourite blogs, Buttons for brains  I share Liz's passion for buttons, and she is a very talented card designer and maker.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are :)

PS Went to a craft and vintage fair today-simply could not resist these little buttons :-)

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