Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A home without a cat.....

..... is just a house

Very true words, I'm lucky to have my little cat, Tiny. This little wall hanging arrived a few days ago from an online crafting friend :-). Thank you again Liz. 

No crafting to share as yet-playing with my watercolour pencils and paints, and practising various techniques. I get as much pleasure from that as actually making cards or wallhangings or whatever. I can lose myself! I've used pro markers and copics for years for my colouring, but seem to be getting more and more interested in watercolouring. My late mum was a very talented artist, and I have some of her paintings on the walls in my home, and enjoy looking at them every day. I also have all her brushes and various other arty farty things, and enjoy using them. She took up painting once she had retired-it had always been her dream to go to art school, but growing up during wartime it just wasn't possible. I'm just finding it strange that I've taken such an interest in it at around the same age she did. 

Bit of a nostalgic post, but I can assure you a very happy post. I have such wonderful memories of her :-)


  1. I've always found it very relaxing to color in coloring books, and I've been very surprised to learn they are now making coloring books for Adults!! I've seen them in a few craft catalogs now, and I think it's about time. LOL I enjoyed your little post, and anything that keeps you joyfully connected with your Mum is a good thing. May your happy memories continue. :)

  2. Thanks Sandie :) I've always loved colouring in too - and yes, there are now lots of colouring books for adults! Restful and very therapeutic :-)