Monday, 13 July 2015

Wall hanging

Last Saturday, I had an absolutely wonderful day, a mixed media class with the amazingly talented Lindsay Mason. It was held in the Heritage Centre at Carnforth railway station - the setting for the 1946 film called "Brief Encounter" starring Trevor Johnson and Celia Howard. Quintessentially English, terribly proper and oh so romantic :-)  The refreshment rooms have been very carefully restored, using period furniture etc, and it really was very atmospheric. By a coincidence, a steam train came racing through the station - must've been a very particular event as there were a lot of people waiting with their cameras. We'll dashed out of our room which is near the platform to have a look, and waved to everybody on the train. Great fun!

So back to my wall hanging.....
This started off life as three plain pieces of MDF. Layers of texture were added with scrunched up paper, glue,  embellishments, black paint, delicious inks and gilding waxes. Ta-da!

The other photo I took doesn't really do justice to the colours-I'll try to get a better shot tomorrow and add it to this blog post. This photo at least does justice to the textures and the sheen. 
This is a very messy crafting, which I absolutely love. I do neat and precise work also, but I do enjoy variety in my crafting, and tackling different projects. 

(That's me, front right)

Meanwhile, some pics I took at the station, and a couple borrowed from Lindsay's album......


  1. What a wonderful location for a craft class. It looks so warm and inviting. So glad you had such a good day, and the wall hanging looks wonderful. :)

    1. Thank you! It's a beautiful venue :-)