Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Another crafty day!

Had a lovely day today over at a friends house, playing with papers, card stock inks, heat gun, stamps, dies - you name it, we played with it! Today was about sharing ideas, tips and techniques - and we also share our stash so we can play with different things. 

No finished product to show as yet, but I've cut out some flowers that I stamped - these will be incorporated into a card over the next day or so, can't wait to see how it all turns out :-)

Oops - hit the wrong button, but here is my little sweetheart Tiny, having a lovely sleep on a cushion next to me :-)

And so - here are the flowers!


  1. Oh my goodness, there is definitely no doubting that Tiny is very relaxed and comfy, is there? LOL

    I had a very small tortoise type calico cat, I named "Pyewacket," who never weighed more than 5 lbs. She was extremely tiny, but oh boy, was she lethal. An amazing hunter she was, even to catching fish down in the pond, and leaving their heads on my doorstep to show me how talented she was. She lived for 21 long happy years. They can be such a joy and comfort. :)

  2. I know :-) This photo really makes me smile, she looks so content and happy, I'd swear she's smiling! They are such great companions - non-cat people don't appreciate just how much they interact with you. Pyewacket sounds a real character - Tiny's an indoor cat, she has never had any interest in the outdoors and had been given the option of going out - and always refuses!! I think she had a bad time living on the streets, and doesn't like to stray far now from comfy cushions and my knee lol!

  3. Hi Pam,
    My Rosie was a throw away cat. Left in a shoe box with her siblings, stuffed into a friend's mailbox. When the friend saw the Calico cat, she knew it would have a home, because I've always favored Calico cats, although I've had every color there is over the many years. But Rosie has never been outside either, and shows no interest either.

    The other two I have, Keira and Sascah, were either feral, and lost their Mother, or they too had been dumped off, because we found them as tiny kittens out in the hay field, crying their heads off and scared half to death. It took months to get them close and friendly, but once they wallked, on their own, through my door, it was the last they saw of the outside except through the windows.

    When I first got Pyewacket, we had a working farm, and actually needed cats to help control the mice and rats, but she still lived inside the house. At the time I had 5 cats. Pyewacket and another calico cat developed a strong dislike of each other. All were spayed or neutered, but that didn't prevent personality conflicts. Suddenly there were disgusting incidences, and I discovered those two were spraying all over the house, declaring their territory. I could not put up with that, so all of my cats were banished to the basement and wherever they wished to go. I continued putting out food and water and clean litter boxes for them, and they had easy access coming in and out of the basement, but I couldn't leave them in the house proper any longer. For at least 10-15 years, I didn't have any cats in the house, and over time they all died off, and Pyewacket was the the last one left, being the youngest at the time of banishment. Then I got Rosie, and about 2 years later, Pyewacket, who was often up here at the house, laying on the porch with the dogs and always a very loving cat, just walked in the door one day. She never got nasty with Rosie and Rosie accepted her right away, and with her being at least 18 at that time, I did nothing to prevent her from staying. So the last 3 years of her life, she was once again a house cat, and passed gently away one night. I always loved that little cat, and I was so glad to have her back inside. She could have been inside all the years, if she hadn't been so pissy to begin with. LOL

  4. Lovely to read all about your cats :-) They all have such personalities, don't they. I often think it would have been nice to have 2 cats, as company for each other, but at 8 yrs old, Tiny is used to my undivided attention and wouldn't take kindly to a brother or sister! When I went to the RSPCA pet rescue centre, my intention had been to get 2 cats, ideally from the same litter, but once the assistant picked up Tiny, I was sold. She eyeballed me from across the room and we definitely 'connected' - and the rest is history lol.