Thursday, 11 June 2015

Summer has arrived!

What absolute joy after what seems like many months of grey skies, rain, and so cold!  I took advantage of the weather to do a bit of light gardening - took it very easy as I'm only just getting over a terrible bout of sciatica which just knocked me for 6.  Wanted to make sure I didnt do anything to cause it to flare up again! Bit of weeding and brushing up dead leaves etc, and then I lay back on my lounger and admired the blue sky and listened to the birds singing......
Lots needs to be done to tame the jungle, luckily I have a gardener who comes every few weeks to do stuff that's too heavy for me!

Yesterday I met a former colleague/friend for lunch and we went out to a lovely tea room in a pretty village not too many miles from here, and conveniently halfway between our homes. The village is called Brinscall, and we had lunch Here - I had leek and stilton soup, some sandwiches, and lemon cake for dessert. We shared a huge pot of tea which kept us going for ages - lots ot catch up on as I hadn't seen this friend for about 6 months. Where does time fly to? 
Brinscall is stone cottage country - some of the houses are over 200 years old, and I would seriously KILL to live here :)  Here's more information about this lovely place, and a few photos I took.  Maddeningly my phone battery died, so couldn't take any more pics!

Not too much done on the crafting front this past few days - but rain is forecast, so there'll be plenty of time to do some when I'm stuck indoors.  I am off to the local Craft centre over the weekend though, to watch some crafting demos and do a workshop, looking forwards to that :-)


  1. Hello Pam,
    I must apologize, I have not been receiving notices from Bloglovin that you had posted, and now I see I've missed several of your last few posts, and feel badly about that.

    All of your cards are lovely. You have a wonderful eye for design, and I am sure that is appreciated by everyone that receives a card from you. And I really like that little gift bag. They sure do come in handy at times, when a gift is something that is difficult to wrap as it is. LOL

    I totally enjoy seeing your lovely creations, so in future, if you don't see a comment from me, please know it is probably because my program is not letting me know when you've posted. I depend on it, because I don't remember every blog I enjoy on a regular basis. So when Bloglovin fails to notify me, I miss out too. :) Take care and enjoy your garden.

    1. Ahh - thank you Sandie, but no need to apologise, truly! Always love your comments on my blog :-). Hope you are well and that you too have got some warmth and sunshine.