Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Rain due - time to craft

Had a couple of days pottering in the garden, tidying things up without going overboard. My back problem is much improved, but can't do too much without it aching again, and I really don't want another bout of sciatica if at all possible.

My gardener came today and did a lot of work clearing a border which had become so overgrown it was disheartening to look at. An old ivy plant had strangled some of my favourite shrubs which had pretty much died off. I lost a lovely buddleia - used to love seeing the buttterflies on there, feasting on pollen - an aquilegia plant, a fern and a few other low growing shrubs. But - looking to the positive - I have a whole new border ready for planting up, so I'm busy deciding which plants to choose.

These are a couple of photos from a few years ago, when I had a lot more energy and kept on top of things :-

- not a big garden, but some colourful shrubs and a patio, and gravelled area. I used to grow sweet peas up canes and loved the scent of the cut flowers in the house. It will be beautiful again!!

Much as I want to do more out there, common sense prevails and I'm taking a couple of days away from it to get some crafting done - there are some ideas in my head I'm itching to try out.  I'm a typical Geminian - I flit from one thing to another!!


  1. I share your disappointment at being forced to do less, where the gardening is concerned. But you are wise to cut back when the body demands it. Lovely plants too. :)

  2. It's so frustrating - I can see so much that needs doing! I did ache last night so was very glad the weather stopped me going out to do 'just a bit more' Anyway I shall just have to learn some patience! I mostly have shrubs in the garden - all round the year foliage in some lovely colours. I grow my annuals in tubs :)