Sunday, 14 June 2015

Gift bags

Having fun using a borrowed toy to make a couple of gift bags :-) A friend won a nifty gadget on eBay-a kind of score board to make it easy to make gift bags. Having won the auction, she realised it would arrive after she had left for a two week holiday, and so asked me if it could be sent to my home. I had to promise to try it out! Very generous indeed. So here are my first two makes :-)

If anyone is interested, it is the gift bag punchboard, from WRMK (we are memory keepers). Great fun-thank you Jillian! 

PS Couldn't resist making just one more.....


  1. What a nice and helpful little "gadget."
    Will you be getting one for yourself? And do they come in various sizes to make bigger bags, if you want to? Or does one gadget make all sizes? My, my I'm curious. :) Very neat little bags though.

  2. Thanks Sandie - you can make bags of different sizees. I think I may well be tempted to buy one!