Sunday, 28 June 2015

Crafty day cards

At last, a chance to show some photos of the cards we made on our crafty day!

Firstly, two cards designed by Cheryl :-

The first card is made using a tattered Lace die. They are incredibly expensive, but I have to say the quality is superb and they cut beautifully. The second card involves some stamping, which I love to do. This one is being kept one side for my brother who is a real D I Y fan!

Next Sue's cards :-

Love Sue's style of card making-she tends to use scraps of fabric, ribbon and papers she has around the house. I love back to basics paper crafting-just shows there is no need to go to a lot of expense.

Next, two cards designed by Ros. Ross is the quilter, so fabric and some handstitching is often involved in her cards. I love the felt cat which she designed especially for me as a cat lover!

And finally my two cards :) 

- I love using lace and ribbon and buttons wherever possible. 

Hope you have enjoyed looking at the results of our day :-)


  1. Every one is delightful. And I'm sure the recipients will be extremely pleased to receive them.

    I have a friend, who comes to our craft group, and she like sewing, although she does not make quilts. But she also loves making her own greeting cards. She uses her scrap material to fashion designs. Such a she will cut out a swirling green fabric, and use it to make the tops of trees. brown and tan, to look like sand or soil. She cuts the cloth to resemble the shape she needs, and glues them onto card stock, and comes up with some very cute designs. A great way to use up fabric scraps too. :)

    I would love to try making a card, but my hands shake too much. Nothing would end up where I had intended it to be, I'm sure. LOL Love seeing yours though. :)

  2. That sounds a lovely idea! I used to sew a lot, and made my own clothes - my late mum used to teach needlecrafts, and loved doing collage work such as you describe. Just lately - perhaps because Ros re-awakened my interest in sewing with her card ideas - I'm keen to get back to sewing again. Too many interests and not enough time lol! Thanks for your lovely comments :-) Hope you're still enjoying some good weather too!

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day. These are all gorgeous but obviously I especially like the button one!

    Liz x

  4. Thanks Liz - it was a lot of fun! Ooh, I love buttons - inherited my mum's button tin, and just keep adding to my collection!

    Pam x