Sunday, 28 June 2015

Crafty day cards

At last, a chance to show some photos of the cards we made on our crafty day!

Firstly, two cards designed by Cheryl :-

The first card is made using a tattered Lace die. They are incredibly expensive, but I have to say the quality is superb and they cut beautifully. The second card involves some stamping, which I love to do. This one is being kept one side for my brother who is a real D I Y fan!

Next Sue's cards :-

Love Sue's style of card making-she tends to use scraps of fabric, ribbon and papers she has around the house. I love back to basics paper crafting-just shows there is no need to go to a lot of expense.

Next, two cards designed by Ros. Ross is the quilter, so fabric and some handstitching is often involved in her cards. I love the felt cat which she designed especially for me as a cat lover!

And finally my two cards :) 

- I love using lace and ribbon and buttons wherever possible. 

Hope you have enjoyed looking at the results of our day :-)

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Crafty day makes

Just a quick post to share the lovely cards we made yesterday on our crafting day. I'll do a more detailed post soon-got a busy couple of days ahead! 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What a fab crafty day!

Had a brilliant crafting day with three friends today, it lived up to all expectations. 
We met at 10 AM over at Sue's house in Lytham, and had a day of much fun and creativity. 
It's gone very cloudy here and the light isn't good enough to take some decent photos, but just wanted to share one with you. Isn't it beautiful! 
I'll share more photos with you tomorrow, hopefully :-)

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sneak peek 2

...... card design figured out! Just finished prepping three bags of all the bits needed to make a card, for my crafty friends. I will share later this week :-)

A peek

Sneak peek, that is!

I don't do a lot of sewing these days, but decided to get some felt, a button, needle and thread out today. On Wednesday I will be spending the day with three friends on one of our crafty get together days. One of the ladies, Ros, is a very talented quilter, and always incorporates a little bit of sewing into cards, so I thought I'd have a little go too. On the day, we each make two cards, which we demo for the others to make. At the end of the day, we have then each made six very different things and learned some new ideas and techniques. The little pinwheel is something I picked up off Pinterest, so I'm now planning how to incorporate it into a card. Ribbon and buttons will be involved though! I will post the results later this week. 
Happy fathers day to all those who have their dads here to celebrate with, my thoughts go out to those who have lost their dads like myself. Fortunately I have many very happy memories :-)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

I won a card!

We have a crafting channel in the UK called create and craft - it's recently also started airing in the USA. They do a variety of demonstrations on the show, and viewers can email in with any comments, and a chance to win one of the cards being demoed on the show. Well, I won this card and it arrived today, and I was really delighted with it! The photo doesn't really do it justice, it's beautiful!  Unfortunately, the Postal Service managed to batter the envelope, and the card was a little bent, but never mind!  Thank you Anne Marie for signing it too

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Rain due - time to craft

Had a couple of days pottering in the garden, tidying things up without going overboard. My back problem is much improved, but can't do too much without it aching again, and I really don't want another bout of sciatica if at all possible.

My gardener came today and did a lot of work clearing a border which had become so overgrown it was disheartening to look at. An old ivy plant had strangled some of my favourite shrubs which had pretty much died off. I lost a lovely buddleia - used to love seeing the buttterflies on there, feasting on pollen - an aquilegia plant, a fern and a few other low growing shrubs. But - looking to the positive - I have a whole new border ready for planting up, so I'm busy deciding which plants to choose.

These are a couple of photos from a few years ago, when I had a lot more energy and kept on top of things :-

- not a big garden, but some colourful shrubs and a patio, and gravelled area. I used to grow sweet peas up canes and loved the scent of the cut flowers in the house. It will be beautiful again!!

Much as I want to do more out there, common sense prevails and I'm taking a couple of days away from it to get some crafting done - there are some ideas in my head I'm itching to try out.  I'm a typical Geminian - I flit from one thing to another!!

Tiny :)

No crafting today - too busy tidying up my jungle of a garden!  It all got out of control when I was suffering with sciatica, but bit by bit I'm winning the battle.

Just had to share this beautiful photo of my 8 year old rescue cat, Tiny.  She had been dashing round playing with her toys, and decided to take a break with her 'Mousey'.  As you have no doubt gathered, I adore my little fur baby :)  She's a very tactile cat - if I pass her by, she always reaches out a paw to me, and adores spending time on my knee. When I go into the kitchen each morning (where she sleeps), she is always waiting for me on the unit just by the kitchen door, and insists on many face rubs before jumping down to the floor and waiting patiently by her food bowl. She's my little star :)

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Gift bags

Having fun using a borrowed toy to make a couple of gift bags :-) A friend won a nifty gadget on eBay-a kind of score board to make it easy to make gift bags. Having won the auction, she realised it would arrive after she had left for a two week holiday, and so asked me if it could be sent to my home. I had to promise to try it out! Very generous indeed. So here are my first two makes :-)

If anyone is interested, it is the gift bag punchboard, from WRMK (we are memory keepers). Great fun-thank you Jillian! 

PS Couldn't resist making just one more.....

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Summer has arrived!

What absolute joy after what seems like many months of grey skies, rain, and so cold!  I took advantage of the weather to do a bit of light gardening - took it very easy as I'm only just getting over a terrible bout of sciatica which just knocked me for 6.  Wanted to make sure I didnt do anything to cause it to flare up again! Bit of weeding and brushing up dead leaves etc, and then I lay back on my lounger and admired the blue sky and listened to the birds singing......
Lots needs to be done to tame the jungle, luckily I have a gardener who comes every few weeks to do stuff that's too heavy for me!

Yesterday I met a former colleague/friend for lunch and we went out to a lovely tea room in a pretty village not too many miles from here, and conveniently halfway between our homes. The village is called Brinscall, and we had lunch Here - I had leek and stilton soup, some sandwiches, and lemon cake for dessert. We shared a huge pot of tea which kept us going for ages - lots ot catch up on as I hadn't seen this friend for about 6 months. Where does time fly to? 
Brinscall is stone cottage country - some of the houses are over 200 years old, and I would seriously KILL to live here :)  Here's more information about this lovely place, and a few photos I took.  Maddeningly my phone battery died, so couldn't take any more pics!

Not too much done on the crafting front this past few days - but rain is forecast, so there'll be plenty of time to do some when I'm stuck indoors.  I am off to the local Craft centre over the weekend though, to watch some crafting demos and do a workshop, looking forwards to that :-)

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Gift bag

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Mine has been a mixture of a few jobs around the house, some gardening and some crafting :-)
Aside from making a couple of birthday cards, and practising some water colouring, I decided to have a go at decorating a gift bag. The bag itself was very inexpensive, but with a few decorations I would expect to pay quite a good price in the shop. Yesterday I had been sorting out all my craft supplies, and was quite shocked to find punches and dies that I had completely forgotten that I had got. Good excuse to get them out and have a play! Lots of ideas buzzing around in my head to decorate other ones :-)

Monday, 1 June 2015

Wonderful washi!

Just been playing with some washi tape that I bought off eBay. It's basically sticky tape, and comes in so many different colours and so many different patterns. I used some to make this quick card-attached it to the card stock, and then ran it through my cuttle bug machine in an embossing folder. Yes, I could have cut strips of paper and glued them to the card, but this was much quicker to do and more fun :-)

I got the idea from Pinterest :-