Sunday, 17 May 2015


I've got a couple of crafting days coming up, so today yet again the housework has taken a back seat, and I've been playing! My cat Tiny has been trying to 'help', chasing ribbon and scrunching paper - had to wait until she had curled  up and fallen asleep in her favourite spot before I could get things done :-)
These two cards both involve some paper piecing, die cutting, and some stamping. Great way to use up scraps of pretty paper. The dust will have to wait yet again tomorrow, as I'm planning more playing :-). Sorry about the shadows on the photos, it's hard work trying to get a decent picture at night.


  1. I hear you, about the cleaning has to wait, and how difficult it is to get a good photo. I have the same problems here. LOL

    Both of the cards are lovely, but that top one is gorgeous. Those are "My" colors, and the Butterflies are just the right touch. Beautiful work Pam.

  2. Thank you Sandie :) I love pastel colours, but do love stronger colours today. I used a sheet of the same paper I used to make the birthday card just recently. I seem to have really got back into my crafting, which makes me very happy.