Thursday, 14 May 2015

New chapter

Bit of a sad day today. I called in to my village library where I used to work until recently, and handed in my keys to the building :(. Very occasionally, it was my job to open up the library in the morning or close up at night - always a bit nerve wracking setting burglar alarms etc, but I managed to do everything correctly without any mishaps!

Even though I had only worked there for a short time, I felt like I really belonged there and loved the work and meeting customers. But life moves on! The crafting group called 'Knit and natter' were there, and persuaded me to join the group on Thursday afternoons. Must admit, when I was working there it was always very tempting to linger near the table and have a look at what they were working on! So next week I shall be there, and have promised to take along some crochet I am doing at the moment - a couple of them want to learn how to crochet, and I've offered to teach them. I'll enjoy being part of the group, and it will be nice still to be in 'my' library :-)

Meanwhile - here's my cat (Tiny) watching TV! She honestly seems to love anything that features dogs and cats (this was a rescue pet programme), and was glued to the screen!  

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  1. Our local craft group also meets at our small local Library, twice a month. I had no idea the group existed until after my hubby passed away, and they were wondering in making me feel welcome and giving me a place to go to socialize for a while, rather than sitting home alone moping. I'm glad you will now have a group to enjoy also.

    That is an adorable photo of Tiny, watching the TV. My cats don't seem to notice the TV or what's on it, but they have attempted to "catch" the little character on my Kindle game a few times. LOL