Thursday, 7 May 2015

Birthday card

Finally made a card - first one in ages. My craft room is much tidier and organised now, and I find the calmer space is having a big effect on my creativity.

I bought the card I used to make it from a lovely craft shop in a village not too far from here. It's beautiful double sided card, the photo doesn't really do the colours justice.  I had met a friend for afternoon tea (and cake, in my case lol) and the craft centre is just next door. 

I made the little envelope on the card using another of my nifty gadgets, this one being an 'Envelope Punch Board' - amazing thing, which I can use to make a variety of different sized envelopes and boxes. 

I think I may also have caused my friend to develop a papercrafting addiction too :-)

Hope you like it :-)


  1. The card is lovely, and the colors are so warm and soft. Glad you are feeling creative again. And I hope you are feeling better and your recovering continues. Take care. :)