Saturday, 28 March 2015

Tidying up!

Well, after being crocked up for the past 10 days finally I can stand up straight, bend over and reach things!! My GP confirmed I had pulled muscles in my back,advised me to carry on with the physio I am currently receiving, and keep taking the tablets lol. but I cannot describe how wonderful it is to be able to move around much more easily and get back to some sort of routine. He did sign me off work for the coming week in order to concentrate on Physio and exercises, which I suppose is fair enough. I am however anxious to get back to my lovely job, and will take his advice and not rush back too soon.

In the meantime I have finally got around to making a start on tidying up my tip of a craft room. I don't know why paper crafting is such an untidy occupation, but reading other peoples blogs I realise this is pretty common.

I decided to make a start on my desk-oh my goodness, such a collection of ribbons, templates, rubber stamps, glues, paper pads -  you name it it was there. Took me half an hour to put everything back in its rightful place and to do a bit of general household maintenance in there ha ha. It's a start-have got the rest of the room to tackle, but I will do it in bite sized chunks.

I haven't finished covering the drawer fronts of the IKEA boxes, but now that I have room to work on the desk, there's a good chance they'll be finished this weekend.:-)

And now the desk.....ta da!

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  1. In any job, you have to start somewhere. Looks great to me, and I'm so glad to read you are well on the road to recovery. You have a wise and caring GP, in giving you a bit of extra time to fully heal. :) Take care and keep well!