Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sorting things out...

Still don't seem to have found much time for crafting, although I'm doing a lot of 'playing' with new techniques I've been learning from classes, youtube, and watching demos.

Truth is, I'm also still trying to get my craft room sorted out - in the hell of last year following the water leak and subsequent building repairs, all sorts of stuff got dumped in there and it's been a slow process getting things back to rights.  )Also, I was offered some part time temp work which took up half the week - not that I'm complaining, it was some very useful extra cash.

As fate would have it, and as I was drowning in boxes of 'stuff' littering my work desk, I came across this little beauty on eBay - and got it for £5!  It's actually made of solid oak, and sits perfectly on my desk, and all the things I use a lot (especially Ranger inks!) are easily accessible.  It's fired me on to get the room sorted once and for all, then I can really start to play - umm, I mean, create!

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