Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Plan B ......and a canvas

I'd started work on the IKEA boxes, painting them and stamping and colouring a flower design. I was pretty pleased with how things were going! The next morning, I realised I just didn't like what I had created and so decided to go for Plan B!

When I was in my local crafts store I came across some beautiful scrapbooking papers and decided I would actually cover the drawer fronts with the paper and varnish them. 2 down and 10 more to go :-) I've used Glue and Seal to adhere the paper, and painted a layer on top to protect it. I'll  also be varnishing the carcass of the box to give it a nicer finish. I'm pleased!

Next, I have a white canvass that I want to decorate to make a wall hanging.  I've already decided that these letters which spell out 'Home' will form the focus of the design, and have lots of ideas for other embellishments. 

I'm stuck at this point wondering how to colour the canvas as I don't want to leave it white. This is new to me, and I'm really unsure about which paints to use etc Time to explore some designs on Pinterest and hopefully get some links to blogs where I can read up about it all. By the way, the letters are just a very plain brown Papier mache- i've used some Frantage embossing powder which contains lovely sparkly bits to decorate them.

The clearing and tidying up has taken a back seat at the moment-my mind is buzzing with all the things I want to create, and also I start a new part-time job in five days time so want to make the most of this time to simply indulge myself! I'm told that dust keeps very well, and is very good insulation. I'll buy that :-)

Sorry about the shadows-very hard taking good photos when it's night light


  1. Love your comment about how well dust keeps! Had me chuckling in my seat. LOL I like how you've cover your drawer fronts. Covering them with varnish was a very good idea, to keep them from deteriorating over time. :)

  2. Thanks Sandra :-) Boy do I hate dusting - any excuse to avoid it!