Sunday, 22 February 2015

New job!

I started my new part time job this week - 18 hours a week - so the crafting and creating has taken a back seat this past week.

I'm working in a library - everything is very new, and there's lots to learn. And it's a lot more active than I'd realised!  On my feet pretty much all the time - very different to sitting at a desk all day, as has been the case for the whole of my working life! I'm really tired this evening - I expect I'll adjust to it in time (she says, hopefully...)

The main thing though is that it's a fascinating and interesting job. I work with and meet some lovely people, and the time just whizzes by.  I'll only be in now for half a day over the next 4 days, so lots of time for relaxing and crafting.  Hoping to finish off the storage boxes I've been decorating and do some more work on my canvass, so will be back soon with photos :)
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congratulations. Hope you really enjoy your work. I'm sure that in time you will learn how to fit in the crafting right along with the time spent on the job. But it might take a few days, getting it all together. LOL

    Best wishes to you in your new job.

    1. Thanks Sandie - lots to get used to and learn. I'm sure I'll get a new routine in time, all feels a touch overwhelming right now. Patience!