Monday, 10 November 2014

Christmas cards

I haven't been doing much crafting in recent weeks. But, it's getting so close to Christmas I thought I better make a start!
I decided to make use of some of my crafty stash instead of rushing out to the craft store to buy the latest must haves. I bought the rubberstamps from Inky Doodles sometime ago, and have been looking forward to using them. Everything else i.e. cards background papers I already had. Tomorrow I'm out for the day over at a friends house, and we're going to have a lovely inky time working on our projects. There will no doubt be much chatter and tea drinking, and of course it is always lovely to bounce ideas off another crafter. I usually make around 12 cards to send to good friends and family,  people that really appreciate them. For the rest, I shall be buying cards from the shop!


  1. Two brilliant cards Pam, have fun tomorrow,

    Liz x

  2. They are both really cute! I feel the same as you, with my knit projects. I only bother to hand knit something for those that really appreciate them, and the rest get store-bought gifts. LOL Have fun with your friends. :)