Friday, 21 November 2014

Cat and her collar

Poor little tiny! She had to have a little operation a day or so ago to remove a cyst that was growing in her ear. Now the poor thing has to suffer the indignity of wearing this plastic collar, so that she doesn't rub at the wound before it has had chance to heal. I'm hoping that it was just a straightforward, benign cyst, but the vet is sending it off to the lab to be tested just in case it is something more unpleasant. Fingers crossed all will be well.
She is a really well-behaved cat, but apparently she was hissing and spitting at the staff as she was so indignant about having had to have a blood test and have a colllar put on. She didn't disgrace herself though, and I am assured that she did not scratch or bite anyone! Phew!


  1. Poor little thing, but you did the best thing for her, by having it removed and tested. My "girls" would hiss, spit, scratch and bite, I am sure. They love being cuddled and loved, but do NOT try to give them medicine or cut their nails. Your little one is a good girl compared to mine. LOL

  2. She's had a few hours with the collar off today - much happier!