Sunday, 23 November 2014


Sadly, my local branch of Homebase is closing down - but it has meant that there have been some good bargains in there as they are clearing the stock. The small paint tester pots had been reduced to 20p today!!  I use these to paint MDF shapes ready for decoration - they normally cost about £1 or more each, so cheaper than paints in the crafts shops. This little haul today only cost me £2.80 - I was super pleased as you can imagine. :-)

First trip out since I brought Tiny home from having her operation on Thursday afternoon. I put her collar on - she is madly itchy today, so I didn't trust her on her own without it on. When I got home, she was lying in the bay window with a sad look on her face, showing off her collar to the world. I think she was just out for the sympathy vote haha! 

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  1. As the healing process continues, the itching gets worse, before it gets better. Poor Tiny! Good buy there on the paints. Doesn't everyone love a real bargain? I think they do. LOL