Wednesday, 26 November 2014

All clear!

My vet phoned me this afternoon - got the very good news that the lesion he removed from Tiny's ear was benign, and did not require any further treatment whatsoever! To say I am relieved is putting it mildly :-). 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Stitches out!

Took Tiny to the vets this afternoon for a post-operative check. When he looked at her ear he was surprised how quickly it was healing, and decided to take out the stitches. 

Slight moment of panic on my part! She normally totally resists any attempt to do any procedure e.g. having her nails cut, so I was totally amazed that she just sat there very chilled out and laid-back, and allowed the vet to take out her stitches. They didn't come out easily but she really wasn't in the slightest bit bothered!! He had called in a couple of the nurses to help me hold her down, as she kicked off big style when she went in for her blood tests and preoperative checks. None of us could believe that this little firecracker of mine was lying there purring as the vet attended to her. 

Back in 10 days for another checkup, but I still haven't had the results of the biopsy. He is quite certain that there will be nothing wrong is apparently these cysts are common in cats. 

To be on the safe side he has decided it would be best to remove another tiny cysts which he has found, this is not a major procedure and so light sedation will be enough, and I can bring her straight home. I will be glad when this little lot is over!

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Sadly, my local branch of Homebase is closing down - but it has meant that there have been some good bargains in there as they are clearing the stock. The small paint tester pots had been reduced to 20p today!!  I use these to paint MDF shapes ready for decoration - they normally cost about £1 or more each, so cheaper than paints in the crafts shops. This little haul today only cost me £2.80 - I was super pleased as you can imagine. :-)

First trip out since I brought Tiny home from having her operation on Thursday afternoon. I put her collar on - she is madly itchy today, so I didn't trust her on her own without it on. When I got home, she was lying in the bay window with a sad look on her face, showing off her collar to the world. I think she was just out for the sympathy vote haha! 

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Much happier today - a few hours freedom from the collar!
Another couple of days and I should be able to leave it off altogether, but for now any scratching could cause problems.
Still - she's loving the freedom and sleeping in peace :-)

Friday, 21 November 2014

Cat and her collar

Poor little tiny! She had to have a little operation a day or so ago to remove a cyst that was growing in her ear. Now the poor thing has to suffer the indignity of wearing this plastic collar, so that she doesn't rub at the wound before it has had chance to heal. I'm hoping that it was just a straightforward, benign cyst, but the vet is sending it off to the lab to be tested just in case it is something more unpleasant. Fingers crossed all will be well.
She is a really well-behaved cat, but apparently she was hissing and spitting at the staff as she was so indignant about having had to have a blood test and have a colllar put on. She didn't disgrace herself though, and I am assured that she did not scratch or bite anyone! Phew!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The best laid plans .....

Today I should've been over at a friend's house-we were going to have a lovely inky painty day today. Sue was going to work on a wedding card, and I was going to make Christmas cards.
I had come down with a bit of a stomach bug yesterday, but hoped it would be short lived and that I'd be feeling better by this morning. It wasn't to be-I was awake most of the night and dashing into the bathroom what seemed like every five minutes! 
So sadly I had to cancel, and we are rearranging our crafty day.
By around mid afternoon I was starting to feel a little bit better so I made a couple more cards to add to the ones I'd already made. So here's a photo!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Christmas cards

I haven't been doing much crafting in recent weeks. But, it's getting so close to Christmas I thought I better make a start!
I decided to make use of some of my crafty stash instead of rushing out to the craft store to buy the latest must haves. I bought the rubberstamps from Inky Doodles sometime ago, and have been looking forward to using them. Everything else i.e. cards background papers I already had. Tomorrow I'm out for the day over at a friends house, and we're going to have a lovely inky time working on our projects. There will no doubt be much chatter and tea drinking, and of course it is always lovely to bounce ideas off another crafter. I usually make around 12 cards to send to good friends and family,  people that really appreciate them. For the rest, I shall be buying cards from the shop!