Friday, 24 October 2014

Playtime and tidying up time

After what can only be described as a traumatic few months, doing battle with my insurance company and dealing with builders, it is wonderful having the peace of my 4 walls once again! It has taken me some time to get my craftroom back in order, but I'm nearly there :-)
Some playtime was definitely called for, and I had fun decorating the little birdhouse (part of the giveaway prize I won)

The area above my desk is where I display things I've made - 

- although I didn't make the fabric birds (or hens!) - they were bought at a craft fair.
Elsewhere in my room I've been tidying shelves and bought some inexpensive magazine files in IKEA to store some crafting magazines

And my big achievement was managing to put up this storage rail from IKEA - not only level, but correctly fastened to the wall!

The room is pretty much straight again - just a few stray things - boxes mainly - to be found new homes

Finally, a peaceful organised craft room to enjoy again! Just as I've been offered some part time work!! Still, some extra funds will be very useful!


  1. Very nice. Being organized sure makes life easier all way round. Good luck with the job too. Who can't use some extra money these days? Your little birdhouse is really cute too. :)

  2. Thanks Sandie :) Sorry for the delay publishing this post, Blogger has been very uncooperative recently and haven't been able to log in :(