Monday, 13 October 2014

More crafty fun

I went to another Workshop today - a treat to make up for all the hassle over the past few months :-)
This workshop run by Sarah McCrossan was about ways of using the WRMK envelope punch board to make things other than envelopes eg Christmas crackers, card boxes and gift boxes.
Here are a few of my efforts - 

And my house is nearly finished - just new carpet to be laid in my hall and bedroom, but the kitchen and bathroom are finished. Just need to put the finishing touches to those rooms now ie roller blind in the kitchen and curtains in the bathroom. It's been a long haul - phew!


  1. All of your craft items are lovely, but I especially like that little basket. Absolutely adorable!

    After all the work is done, and the repairmen gone, it will be like walking into a new home. Your kitchen and bathroom look great! :)