Thursday, 9 October 2014

Lost my craft room again!

- This time it's needed to store under bed, hall cupboard and bathroom 'stuff' plus appliances and chests of drawers so the carpet fitter can lay new flooring in my hall, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom!! 

However, in the few days I had my craft room I decorated a humble MDF box :-) I used some Tim Holtz papers and inks, acrylic paint, stencils, seam binding dyed with Distress inks, hessian, and some die cuts. And a button. It's been made to tone in with my lounge, and I love it.

On Saturday, if all goes to plan, my house is finished - drying out, joinery, redecoration and flooring done. The insurance claim from hell will be over :-)


  1. I guess it's worth having your craft room cluttered for the time being, so the carpeting can be laid. At least once that is done, everything will be going back where it came from, right? And then you will have your room to yourself, once again.

    You little box is adorable!! I love the colors used, and the little flower is perfect! I don't understand the different suppliers or makers of the items used in your craft, but I certainly know that I like and enjoy seeing the finished projects. :)

    Enjoy your rejuvenated home. And I hope you are happy in it always.

  2. Thanks Sandie :-) I'm really enjoying my crafting at the moment -- too many ideas buzzing around my head, and not enough time lol!