Thursday, 18 September 2014

Work in progress

....but sadly not crafting!

My long awaited house repairs and redecoration are finally underway, and my craftroom - recently de-cluttered - seems to have been taken over by my decorator to store his gear! No grumbles really - he's doing a great job (here for just over a week), and it should all be finished on Monday, and his clutter removed.

Just cannot wait to get crafting again :-)

Tiny wanted to help of course.....

...and did try to roll one of the rolls of wallpaper.....

....and at long last I have a bathroom again! Kitchen tomorrow, and hall decoration Monday.  After that I'm having a few days break, then hopefully the flooring company will be here putting down new hall and bedroom carpets, and Lino in the kitchen and bathroom. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan! 


  1. It will all be well worth the wait, once it's finished. Fresh new digs, it just might inspire you to better and greater projects too. :) Have a great day!

  2. Getting so close to being finished - hooray! Can't wait to get back to my crafting - next week for sure :-) Have a good weekend Sandie!