Friday, 1 August 2014

Wall hanging for my great niece

This is one of 3 wall hangings I made for each of my 3 great nieces - and in a rush to post them forgot  to take photos of the other 2!  Kate's was mauve, and Alice's was red (their favourite colours).
The hearts are made of humble MDF, painted and varnished then embellishments added. I put some faux stitching around the edges with a black fineliner pen, then added a ribbon loop for hanging. 

This one is winging its way to Germany, whereas Alice and Kate have received theirs and love them. I added in some craft bits and pieces for 5 year old Kate, and she has already made a card for her mum and dad :-) 


  1. Adorable, and what a treasure they will be for your Grand nieces too. Even if you forgot to get photos of the other 2, judging by this one for Sadie, I'm sure they are all wonderful. :)

  2. Thank you a Sandie :- ). I loved making them, and I hope Sadie's arrives in Germany soon. She's a girly girl who loves pink sparkly things, so hopefully it will be right up her street :-)