Friday, 25 July 2014

Fun and games - not!

The last few weeks have been a nightmare!  Water leak from the bathroom, which suddenly manifested itself when the hall carpet was soggy one day, and paint was flaking off the woodwork. Long story, but the leak was traced and fixed, and then I did battle with my Insurance company over a 3 week period as they initially rejected my claim.

Eventually they admitted they had handled my claim incorrectly, and agreed to do all the repairs.  Work started today, taking moisture readings and checking the water hadn't done any damage inside the cavity walls (which it hadn't - phew!)

They have agreed to dry out my home, replace all the door frames and skirting boards, redecorate and lay new flooring through most of my bungalow.  And if I hadn't fought them over their incompetence, I'd have ended up trying to pay for it all myself!

Hoping work will start this next week or so when everything's dried out, and maybe then I'll have time and energy to escape to some crafting!


  1. Oh dear, that's just terrible. I'm so sorry you had to deal with such a mess to begin with, but good for you standing up and fighting that Insurance company for repairs that you had every right to expect them to cover. Insurance companies love taking our money, but they sure hate paying any of it out unless it's to improve their home or environment, not ours. I'm glad you were successful in your argument with them, and best wishes for a speedy repair recovery!! :)

  2. Thanks so much Sandie :). Been a very stressful time but was determined not to let corporate business walk over me. Very satisfying outcome! Work starts next week :)