Friday, 20 June 2014

The purpose of art.....

The last of my MDF hearts - loving the sentiment :)  This one will hang above my crafting desk.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Another wall hanging

I'm really into transforming boring little pieces of MDF at the moment, and turning them into something pretty.

I coated this heart with some acrylic paints and finished off with a coating of oyster metallic paint, just to add a bit of shimmer.  Actually it started off its life painted green which I didn't like, so easy to just add another coat or 2 of paint :)

I cut out the 'tattered florals' on my Bigshot, then clear embossed them to add protection and shine, and added a wooden button to the centre. Next I tied a bow with 2 lengths of organza ribbon and string. I attach everything with my glue gun - it's much stronger.

Finally some faux stitching with a fineliner pen, and a bit more string for a hanger. Ta dah!
I've seen these on sale in garden centres / craft outlets and they're expensive - mine cost around 65p to make. Maybe I need a stall!

PS the 'craftypam' on the plaque is a superimposed watermark and obviously isn't on the plaque

Sunday, 15 June 2014

MDF wall hanging

I made this following my trip to Inspirations and watching some talented crafters do some fab demos.
The crackle effect is made by firstly painting PVA glue (diluted with some water) and then coating the MDF shape. I partially dried it off, then painted acrylic paint in the opposite direction. When dried, the crackle effect appears.
I added some frantage powder around the edges and heated it to melt the particles, and finally added the little wooden flower and then a bow (plain white ribbon, died to match). It's now hanging on my bedroom wall and I love it.  Going to make some more for presents - one of each of my little great nieces with their initials on.

Blogger is playing up big time - I got notified of comments but been unable to locate them to let them appear  (Have to moderate posts as I was getting some spam through)  So, apologies if you left comments and they've not appeared.  

Til next time,

Saturday, 7 June 2014


- very appropriately, at my local craft store, Inspirations :)

Had a wonderful time there yesterday watching 2 of my most favourtie crafters, Hels Sheridan and Pauline Wheeler, do demos. They both have very different styles - Hels is a Ranger Educator, and queen of all the Ranger products. Pauline's style is completely different, and yesterday was demoing beautiful paper products and cardstock. They're back again next month, and will also be doing workshops which I shall be signing up for.
Do visit their blogs at and

Tomorrow I'll be back there watching Ali Reeve demo, another very talented lady!  She doesn't blog on a regular basis but can be found on Facebook. Like Hels, she regularly appears on the Create and Craft tv channel.

Bad I.T. day!

Took delivery of my new iPhone today - that was very straightforward and easy, and my ancient phone may well be donated to a museum :)

Rather rashly, I decided to update the operating system on my iPad as suggested, and that's where the fun started. Normally I check out online whether there are any issues with these updates, but for whatever reason I didn't today. Major mistake. It is full of bugs and flaws, one of which is that the charger no longer works. Don't ask me why - one of life's mysteries known only to Apple. I have searched online for tips and ideas, but all I found out was that I'm one of many thousands of folk world wide having this issue. I don't know what the answer is, or whether it'll get resolved, but for now I'm relying on my old computer to connect with t'internet until something gets sorted out. I suspect it will cost me £'s to get it fixed which is annoying when it is all Apple's fault.

Nothing whatsoever to do with papercrafting, but boy was it nice to get that off my chest!!

EDIT: After more internet research, I restored the ipad to factory settings, and reinstored everything from the back up. Result! All working perfectly once more - yay!