Friday, 7 March 2014

Bound book using bamboo!

Just found these photos too :)

Another design by the talented Lynne - this was a book made using cardstock, paper, bamboo sticks and twine.

It was quite fiddly to make, cutting slots into folded card and weaving in the bamboo canes, and then lacing them with twine. The inner pages were stamped, with most of the page left clear to write in, put pictures in, or whatever.  Really loved this!

Sorry the last photos are blurred - but I think the first two give you a good idea of how it looked.

Star book

I made this quite a long time back - just found some photos on my laptop.
It's a star book, and was actually really easy to make, and had a Christmas theme.  I must dig out the instruction sheet and make another one for an upcoming birthday :)

I made this at classes I used to go to in a nearby village - love using card and paper to
make different shapes - I think I like origami style crafting best of all. Calling in there tomorrow to sign up for some classes.