Thursday, 13 February 2014

Camera practice!

I must admit to being very lazy when it comes to reading manuals - I'm one of those people that prefer to press buttons and experiment!  Just recently I've been admiring so many beautiful photos on blogland, wishing I could produce the same results, so I finally got around to dusting off the manual and practising using the settings (and learning what they were about!)  What better subject than my lovely furry friend and housemate, Tiny :)

Time I think to dig out my many cards and share them with you over the coming days and weeks.
I hope all in the UK survived the horrendous winds last night, and thinking of those of you in the south suffering during the flooding x


  1. Your "furry friend" is adorable.
    I saw on the World News, about the flooding there in the UK. I do hope not many lives are lost, because it looked very extensive, and I know it has affected many lives. Nice to know you are not in danger. Here, it is feet of snow we are dealing with, rather than feet of rain.

  2. Ah thank you Sandie! And thanks too for all your lovely comments. Blogger hasn't been letting me reply to comments or even post comments just recently. I hope you're ok and keeping warm in this awful weather - we haven't had snow yet in my part of the UK, and also we in the north west have escaped the awful flooding. I feel heartfelt sorry for the many folk who've lost their homes. Take care.