Monday, 20 January 2014


Well, something new to share today - crochet, and a work in progress :)

Last week I went along to a 'Knit, crochet and natter' group with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I used to do a lot of knitting and crochet but it has fallen by the wayside in recent years, not sure why.  In the group I started work on a knitted bolero style cardigan, but have had mixed feelings about whether or not I like it.

I follow a blog by a lady called Sandra in the USA, and she produces the most beautiful hand crafted garments, and spins her own yarn :)  Although we have never met, we both used to belong to a quit smoking forum (a lot of years ago), and I stumbled across her blog a year or so ago.  Anyway, I decided I wanted to do some crochet again, and was very taken with her cowls/infinity scarves on her blog. So, I went hunting for a hook and dug out some long forgotten yarn, and found some instructions on a pin on Pinterest (my 2nd home lol) and I was away :)

I'm using a chunky yarn and 6mm hook, so it's growing nice and fast!   With a bit of luck I might well  finish it over the next week, and will post a photo.

The jury is still out on the bolero :)

Pam x


  1. What an honor you do me, but if by reading my blog, you were inspired to pick up hook or needle again, than I am delighted. From what I can see of your cowl, I am liking the colors in the yarn, very much.

    I have to admit though, to being completely taken by surprise when you mentioned that you knew me from QuitNet. I did not realize that. What a small world this is. There are 2 others from QuitNet that I am in regular contact with, even after all these many years, which is now 13 years since I quit smoking. And now there is yourself. That is just wonderful!!!

    Have a great day! :)

  2. Hi again Sandra! Yes, I remember your posts on Quitnet all those years ago, you always came across as a very positive person I went by the name of UKPam in those days I think - but of course it really is such a long time ago. I made 2 good friends on there, one of whom I've visited in Arizona in recent years. It was a good support to my quitting smoking (13 years for me also as non smoker!)
    I've really got the crochet and knitting bug again, and those lovely cowls you made flicked the switch for me! I thought I'd start off again by doing something quick and easy out of thick yarn and hook, but will be more adventurous next time. I used to do some quite intricate work and will dig out a photo of a sweater I made years ago and put it on the blog.
    Glad you are keeping well, and it is good to be in contact :)
    Have a lovely day too :)