Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Just to wish all my blogging friends a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year :-)
I'm hoping to do more crafting and blogging in future - it has been a topsy turvy time of it over the past few months, what with house repairs and Tiny needing the operation - I just haven't been able to settle to crafty things. But 2015 will be a happy new year, and I'm going to enjoy it - and hope you all do too.

Almost Christmas morning - and I'll leave you with Miss Tiny, who can't wait to get at her Christmas stocking!!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

All clear!

My vet phoned me this afternoon - got the very good news that the lesion he removed from Tiny's ear was benign, and did not require any further treatment whatsoever! To say I am relieved is putting it mildly :-). 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Stitches out!

Took Tiny to the vets this afternoon for a post-operative check. When he looked at her ear he was surprised how quickly it was healing, and decided to take out the stitches. 

Slight moment of panic on my part! She normally totally resists any attempt to do any procedure e.g. having her nails cut, so I was totally amazed that she just sat there very chilled out and laid-back, and allowed the vet to take out her stitches. They didn't come out easily but she really wasn't in the slightest bit bothered!! He had called in a couple of the nurses to help me hold her down, as she kicked off big style when she went in for her blood tests and preoperative checks. None of us could believe that this little firecracker of mine was lying there purring as the vet attended to her. 

Back in 10 days for another checkup, but I still haven't had the results of the biopsy. He is quite certain that there will be nothing wrong is apparently these cysts are common in cats. 

To be on the safe side he has decided it would be best to remove another tiny cysts which he has found, this is not a major procedure and so light sedation will be enough, and I can bring her straight home. I will be glad when this little lot is over!

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Sadly, my local branch of Homebase is closing down - but it has meant that there have been some good bargains in there as they are clearing the stock. The small paint tester pots had been reduced to 20p today!!  I use these to paint MDF shapes ready for decoration - they normally cost about £1 or more each, so cheaper than paints in the crafts shops. This little haul today only cost me £2.80 - I was super pleased as you can imagine. :-)

First trip out since I brought Tiny home from having her operation on Thursday afternoon. I put her collar on - she is madly itchy today, so I didn't trust her on her own without it on. When I got home, she was lying in the bay window with a sad look on her face, showing off her collar to the world. I think she was just out for the sympathy vote haha! 

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Much happier today - a few hours freedom from the collar!
Another couple of days and I should be able to leave it off altogether, but for now any scratching could cause problems.
Still - she's loving the freedom and sleeping in peace :-)

Friday, 21 November 2014

Cat and her collar

Poor little tiny! She had to have a little operation a day or so ago to remove a cyst that was growing in her ear. Now the poor thing has to suffer the indignity of wearing this plastic collar, so that she doesn't rub at the wound before it has had chance to heal. I'm hoping that it was just a straightforward, benign cyst, but the vet is sending it off to the lab to be tested just in case it is something more unpleasant. Fingers crossed all will be well.
She is a really well-behaved cat, but apparently she was hissing and spitting at the staff as she was so indignant about having had to have a blood test and have a colllar put on. She didn't disgrace herself though, and I am assured that she did not scratch or bite anyone! Phew!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The best laid plans .....

Today I should've been over at a friend's house-we were going to have a lovely inky painty day today. Sue was going to work on a wedding card, and I was going to make Christmas cards.
I had come down with a bit of a stomach bug yesterday, but hoped it would be short lived and that I'd be feeling better by this morning. It wasn't to be-I was awake most of the night and dashing into the bathroom what seemed like every five minutes! 
So sadly I had to cancel, and we are rearranging our crafty day.
By around mid afternoon I was starting to feel a little bit better so I made a couple more cards to add to the ones I'd already made. So here's a photo!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Christmas cards

I haven't been doing much crafting in recent weeks. But, it's getting so close to Christmas I thought I better make a start!
I decided to make use of some of my crafty stash instead of rushing out to the craft store to buy the latest must haves. I bought the rubberstamps from Inky Doodles sometime ago, and have been looking forward to using them. Everything else i.e. cards background papers I already had. Tomorrow I'm out for the day over at a friends house, and we're going to have a lovely inky time working on our projects. There will no doubt be much chatter and tea drinking, and of course it is always lovely to bounce ideas off another crafter. I usually make around 12 cards to send to good friends and family,  people that really appreciate them. For the rest, I shall be buying cards from the shop!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Playtime and tidying up time

After what can only be described as a traumatic few months, doing battle with my insurance company and dealing with builders, it is wonderful having the peace of my 4 walls once again! It has taken me some time to get my craftroom back in order, but I'm nearly there :-)
Some playtime was definitely called for, and I had fun decorating the little birdhouse (part of the giveaway prize I won)

The area above my desk is where I display things I've made - 

- although I didn't make the fabric birds (or hens!) - they were bought at a craft fair.
Elsewhere in my room I've been tidying shelves and bought some inexpensive magazine files in IKEA to store some crafting magazines

And my big achievement was managing to put up this storage rail from IKEA - not only level, but correctly fastened to the wall!

The room is pretty much straight again - just a few stray things - boxes mainly - to be found new homes

Finally, a peaceful organised craft room to enjoy again! Just as I've been offered some part time work!! Still, some extra funds will be very useful!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Another basket

- custom made to hold a birthday gift for a friend :-)

More crafty fun

I went to another Workshop today - a treat to make up for all the hassle over the past few months :-)
This workshop run by Sarah McCrossan was about ways of using the WRMK envelope punch board to make things other than envelopes eg Christmas crackers, card boxes and gift boxes.
Here are a few of my efforts - 

And my house is nearly finished - just new carpet to be laid in my hall and bedroom, but the kitchen and bathroom are finished. Just need to put the finishing touches to those rooms now ie roller blind in the kitchen and curtains in the bathroom. It's been a long haul - phew!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Prize goodies :-)

I was very lucky this week to win a giveaway from the Crafty Bunch on Pauline Wheeler's blog!  My prize arrived today and oh my, what a wonderful selection of MDF goodies.  Now, recently I've been playing a lot with MDF as you'll have seen on my last post.

My brain has gone into creative overdrive since opening this box!  There's a mini display cabinet, bird house, a chest, key safe and a crown, just crying out for paints, Distress Inks, lace, gilding wax, stencilling.....

The last of the house repairs will be finished on Tuesday (fingers crossed) and all the stuff being stored in my craft room (from my bedroom) will be gone, and I'll be able to get back to my desk.

After 4 months of hell getting my house repairs etc done, the timing of this gift is just perfect. I've been feeling pretty low after the battles with builders and the insurance company, so this treat really cheered me up.

Now, which to do first? .........;)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Lost my craft room again!

- This time it's needed to store under bed, hall cupboard and bathroom 'stuff' plus appliances and chests of drawers so the carpet fitter can lay new flooring in my hall, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom!! 

However, in the few days I had my craft room I decorated a humble MDF box :-) I used some Tim Holtz papers and inks, acrylic paint, stencils, seam binding dyed with Distress inks, hessian, and some die cuts. And a button. It's been made to tone in with my lounge, and I love it.

On Saturday, if all goes to plan, my house is finished - drying out, joinery, redecoration and flooring done. The insurance claim from hell will be over :-)

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Nearly there!

The builders have packed up and gone - yippee! Flooring will be fitted next week, fingers crossed. I have my craft den back at long last.
3 months dealing with the Insurance company, builders, subcontractors etc. Many battles along the way getting what I was entitled to, all very draining.  
Hopefully soon I'll be back crafting - too tired right now :-)

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Work in progress

....but sadly not crafting!

My long awaited house repairs and redecoration are finally underway, and my craftroom - recently de-cluttered - seems to have been taken over by my decorator to store his gear! No grumbles really - he's doing a great job (here for just over a week), and it should all be finished on Monday, and his clutter removed.

Just cannot wait to get crafting again :-)

Tiny wanted to help of course.....

...and did try to roll one of the rolls of wallpaper.....

....and at long last I have a bathroom again! Kitchen tomorrow, and hall decoration Monday.  After that I'm having a few days break, then hopefully the flooring company will be here putting down new hall and bedroom carpets, and Lino in the kitchen and bathroom. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan! 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

From this.....

To this......

My craft room really had become a major dumping ground - boxes etc scattered around the room and cluttering the floor, disorganised shelves (books and craft supplies all mixed up). Complete nightmare! Every paper crafter knows how messy the space gets, but mine was ridiculously bad. I've worked hard to get if back in order, and am pretty pleased with the results. At last, a peaceful ordered space to enjoy crafting in :-)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Getting back to normality

After a chaotic few weeks, finally getting back into my SW routine. I also gained 1.5lbs, taking me back to 2lbs under target which I'm very happy about.
An old favourite for tea last night - beef pasta bake. One of my best yet - in fact, had another portion tonight. Here's the mince, tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers simmering away, just before the pasta al dente was added, and transferred to a casserole dish for 25 minutes.  2 portions now in the freezer for another couple of meals :-)

PS - this should have gone on to my Slimming World blog, but hey, I eat as well as craft :-)

Friday, 1 August 2014

Wall hanging for my great niece

This is one of 3 wall hangings I made for each of my 3 great nieces - and in a rush to post them forgot  to take photos of the other 2!  Kate's was mauve, and Alice's was red (their favourite colours).
The hearts are made of humble MDF, painted and varnished then embellishments added. I put some faux stitching around the edges with a black fineliner pen, then added a ribbon loop for hanging. 

This one is winging its way to Germany, whereas Alice and Kate have received theirs and love them. I added in some craft bits and pieces for 5 year old Kate, and she has already made a card for her mum and dad :-) 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Fun and games - not!

The last few weeks have been a nightmare!  Water leak from the bathroom, which suddenly manifested itself when the hall carpet was soggy one day, and paint was flaking off the woodwork. Long story, but the leak was traced and fixed, and then I did battle with my Insurance company over a 3 week period as they initially rejected my claim.

Eventually they admitted they had handled my claim incorrectly, and agreed to do all the repairs.  Work started today, taking moisture readings and checking the water hadn't done any damage inside the cavity walls (which it hadn't - phew!)

They have agreed to dry out my home, replace all the door frames and skirting boards, redecorate and lay new flooring through most of my bungalow.  And if I hadn't fought them over their incompetence, I'd have ended up trying to pay for it all myself!

Hoping work will start this next week or so when everything's dried out, and maybe then I'll have time and energy to escape to some crafting!

Friday, 20 June 2014

The purpose of art.....

The last of my MDF hearts - loving the sentiment :)  This one will hang above my crafting desk.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Another wall hanging

I'm really into transforming boring little pieces of MDF at the moment, and turning them into something pretty.

I coated this heart with some acrylic paints and finished off with a coating of oyster metallic paint, just to add a bit of shimmer.  Actually it started off its life painted green which I didn't like, so easy to just add another coat or 2 of paint :)

I cut out the 'tattered florals' on my Bigshot, then clear embossed them to add protection and shine, and added a wooden button to the centre. Next I tied a bow with 2 lengths of organza ribbon and string. I attach everything with my glue gun - it's much stronger.

Finally some faux stitching with a fineliner pen, and a bit more string for a hanger. Ta dah!
I've seen these on sale in garden centres / craft outlets and they're expensive - mine cost around 65p to make. Maybe I need a stall!

PS the 'craftypam' on the plaque is a superimposed watermark and obviously isn't on the plaque

Sunday, 15 June 2014

MDF wall hanging

I made this following my trip to Inspirations and watching some talented crafters do some fab demos.
The crackle effect is made by firstly painting PVA glue (diluted with some water) and then coating the MDF shape. I partially dried it off, then painted acrylic paint in the opposite direction. When dried, the crackle effect appears.
I added some frantage powder around the edges and heated it to melt the particles, and finally added the little wooden flower and then a bow (plain white ribbon, died to match). It's now hanging on my bedroom wall and I love it.  Going to make some more for presents - one of each of my little great nieces with their initials on.

Blogger is playing up big time - I got notified of comments but been unable to locate them to let them appear  (Have to moderate posts as I was getting some spam through)  So, apologies if you left comments and they've not appeared.  

Til next time,

Saturday, 7 June 2014


- very appropriately, at my local craft store, Inspirations :)

Had a wonderful time there yesterday watching 2 of my most favourtie crafters, Hels Sheridan and Pauline Wheeler, do demos. They both have very different styles - Hels is a Ranger Educator, and queen of all the Ranger products. Pauline's style is completely different, and yesterday was demoing beautiful paper products and cardstock. They're back again next month, and will also be doing workshops which I shall be signing up for.
Do visit their blogs at and

Tomorrow I'll be back there watching Ali Reeve demo, another very talented lady!  She doesn't blog on a regular basis but can be found on Facebook. Like Hels, she regularly appears on the Create and Craft tv channel.

Bad I.T. day!

Took delivery of my new iPhone today - that was very straightforward and easy, and my ancient phone may well be donated to a museum :)

Rather rashly, I decided to update the operating system on my iPad as suggested, and that's where the fun started. Normally I check out online whether there are any issues with these updates, but for whatever reason I didn't today. Major mistake. It is full of bugs and flaws, one of which is that the charger no longer works. Don't ask me why - one of life's mysteries known only to Apple. I have searched online for tips and ideas, but all I found out was that I'm one of many thousands of folk world wide having this issue. I don't know what the answer is, or whether it'll get resolved, but for now I'm relying on my old computer to connect with t'internet until something gets sorted out. I suspect it will cost me £'s to get it fixed which is annoying when it is all Apple's fault.

Nothing whatsoever to do with papercrafting, but boy was it nice to get that off my chest!!

EDIT: After more internet research, I restored the ipad to factory settings, and reinstored everything from the back up. Result! All working perfectly once more - yay!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Big Shot, dies and Distress Ink

Oh what fun I've had today :)

Love the Big Shot. It enabled me to cut out the shape from the front of my card, and the swirly leafy die on the front. I used 3 shades of Distress ink which I spritzed with water, and then swooshed the cut out through the ink. Dried it off, splattered water across it, blotted it, and dried it off. (My heart really is with all things messy!) Finally stamped the sentiment then assembled the card, adding the little butterfly.

This was one of those cards that just came together, and I was really pleased with it. Hope you like it :)

Thursday, 29 May 2014

New toy!

- my shiny new Bigshot! :)

Until now I've used my faithful Cuttlebug, but decided I needed a machine with a bigger platform so I could emboss or cut out bigger dies, or several at once. So far I love it! Working out the sandwiches for different thicknesses of dies, but it seems very straightforward and, of course, plenty of youtube videos.  I've no need for an A4 machine, and am not interested in whining electronic machines which have more to go wrong. This will do me very nicely :)

Edited to add: Just cut out some shapes in thick felt - cut through it like butter. Very impressed!

My birthday present to me!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Card for crafty day

Another card I made for our crafty get together day tomorrow.  As we make 6 cards throughout the day, we keep to fairly simple cards since time is limited. Everyone has different styles and ideas, so we come away with lots of new ideas.

For this one, I embossed this tree on to Coredinations card, and then lightly sanded it to reveal the paler inner core.  It was mounted onto coordinating paper, the extra being used to cut out two sizes of butterflies using a punch.  Finally, mounted onto Craft card, and a simple sentiment added.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

2 quick birthday cards

Made these today - one's a last minute card, and the other is for a crafting day on Wednesday with 3 crafty friends (we each make 2 cards to bring along, together with packs of materials needed)

Really enjoying the more natural look at the moment, using hessian, raffia, wooden buttons and slightly faded papers.  I just don't have a 'style', I love trying out different ones - I go from grunge and messy, to neat and precise :)

Without more ado, the cards.  This one is for my sister in law :-

The next one is one I've made for the crafty day on Wednesday :-

Two posts in one day!  I shall try not to stay away so long next time :)