Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A crafty corner

Until I dust off my camera and take some better photos of cards I've made, I thought I'd share a small corner of my crafting space with you. 
My shelves (above my desk) were such a jumble of bottles and pens (love my Promarkers!) I felt a good tidy up was long overdue.  Having learned how to make boxes at my card making class a couple of weeks ago (and they are so easy to do - should have tried a long time ago!)  I made a few small ones to house some of my crafty stash. Not content with a few box bases, I punched out some flower shapes to decorate the fronts, so that I could write on a simple label.
My craft room is still a work in progress, but at least I can see my desk and have a working space again - and it has been such fun rediscovering all sorts of crafting goodies :)

Pam x


  1. Why not punch out some flowers to use as pretty box labels. They dress up the boxes too. I think it all looks very nice. I should take an afternoon and work on my computer desk. And yes, it would probably take me an entire afternoon to clean it off. I move very slowly these days. LOL

    Have a wonderful Xmas.

  2. Thanks Sandie - I'm realle enjoying crafting in this little corner, it was such a mess before! Have a lovely Christmas too :)