Monday, 16 September 2013

Crafty day - 8 cards!

Over the summer, my papercrafting friends and I had one of our crafty get togethers. We spent a day crafting at Sue's - she has a lovely big kitchen table (which is very handy for the tea and cakes she supplies us with!). We each design 2 cards and demo them to the others, and provide the materials for the others to make the cards.  So at the end of the day, we come away with lots of ideas and 6 cards designed by the others, but made by us. Always such a lovely day, and I'm looking forwards to the next one in early October :)

So here are the cards :-

Mine first.......

Ros designed the next 2 - she does a lot of sewing especially quilting, so her cards reflect this.....

Next are Sue's 2 cards ........

And finally Cheryl's cards......

Everyone's style is completely different, which is why these days are so good - I've got more interested in using materials and beads, and get a bit more adventurous in my card making.

Pam x


  1. Your cards are so very artistic. They are truly lovely. All of the cards are very nice, and anyone receiving a hand-crafted card is very lucky indeed.

    I'm happy for you that you had such a lovely day with friends too. :)

  2. Ah thanks Sandie :) Sorry you lost your blog, but glad to have found your new one.
    I'm back crafting again after a few difficult months.