Saturday, 11 May 2013


Finally started work on a canvas! I've had a real crisis of confidence and lack of mojo in recent months, but looking at some work done by Hels Sheridan and Nicky from Polkadoodles has sparked my creativity - yay!

Early stages: I applied a thin coat of gesso to a plain white canvass, and once dried covered it with a silvery Distress stain.  I then applied some distress stains and distress inks through some Stamps Away stencils. At one of Hels demos, she said it's all about building up layers - so here I go! Going to let it dry out overnight, then add some more - and go a bit 3D with some embellishments - so watch this space.  Visit Hels at to see her inspirational work


  1. This is looking good,can't wait to see it finished,

    Liz x

  2. Ah thanks Liz - very different to anything I've done, and well out of my comfort zone!

    Pam x