Sunday, 12 May 2013

A bit more....

.....progress with my canvas...

I really didn't have any plans or designs in mind when I started this little project, other than colours that might match my bedroom. I've added a bit of random stamping using Archival ink, and coloured the card for the flowers using the same Distress colours I used on the canvas. I've added 2 wooden embellishments. Tomorrow I'm going to add some detail to the middle - probably some words.

Feeling good to actually be creating again - this was just an experiment, but it may just find a space on my bedroom wall.  I'll be back with more photos when it's finished!


  1. Looking forward to seeing it when it's done. I love the soft, muted colors. :)

  2. Thanks Sandie - I'm enjoying making this :)

  3. Ooo! Tease! Glad you have found Mr mojo, he can be so tricky sometimes! Thanks for popping to my blog to say you where enjoying the C&C show at the weekend! It was very sweet of you!
    Hope you have a great week, full of creativity. Kimx

  4. Oh thank you Kim! Loved your shows - inspirational! x