Friday, 24 June 2011

Stitched button cards

Yesterday, 3 friends and myself got together for a card making day. We each prepared 2 cards, and put together little packs with all the papers, ribbons etc.  We each did 2 demos, so all came away with 6 different cards.  Lots of fun!
This is a card designed by Roz - she loves quilting and all needlecrafts, and incorporates her love of stitching into her hand made cards.  This was a totally different venture for me and I loved it - it reminded me how much I love stitching, and I've resolved to do lots more.  Here's the card :-

The backing material is a very pretty blue floral print, with an overlay of fine muslin.  The buttons, stitched on in the shape of a heart, were assorted buttons snipped off her hubby's old shirts :)  A little bow was added as a finishing touch.

I was so taken with it, I made another card last night, to give to the owners of my local cardmaking shop - they are celebrating their 10th anniversary in business.  Sue and Phil, who run the business, are becoming good friends of mine.  I enjoy doing courses there.
Hopefully you can see that the buttons are sewn on in the shape of "10", and there are actually 10 buttons in the design.  I just raided my button tin - it's a box that came to me from my mum, and I add to it all the time.

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