Wednesday, 22 June 2011

At last - a card to share!

Had a really great afternoon at a card making class - really great to finally have time to indulge my love of papercrafting.
This is one of the cards: It incorporated some basic origami, folding the card to make a kind of box for the card inside.  Sorry the photos aren't great - had to use my iPhone as I've mislaid the lead for my camera to connect to the computer.  I'll add some more this next day or so.
 Above is the card, fastened up in it's little box frame

Bow untied, revealing the card inside

I rubber stamped the brown backing card with Versamark ink, which gives a nice watermarked effect.

We used some gorgeous Kanban scrapbooking card to make the box frame - the basic pictures here truly don't do it justice.

Back tomorrow with another card we made.

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  1. What a lovely card, unusual design and love the colours x