Sunday, 26 June 2011

Demo day

Had a lovely morning at Tarleton Stampers Gallery this morning, watching the extremely talented Lindsay Mason doing some demos - do visit her blog at  This morning she was creating fantasy cards with castles and fairies using a range of products including some from one of my favourite people, Tim Holz.  Sue, the gallery owner, was also doing some great demos, using the brayer and all sorts of great techniques with inks.  Sue and her husband Phil really loved the 10th anniversary card I'd made for them (see yesterday's post) - it's always really special seeing someone appreciate your work :)

Ooh the creative juices are now flowing this afternoon :)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Thanks card

Here's another of the cards we made on our card making day - this one was designed by Sue.
I especially liked the flowers, which have been punched out of page of a yellowing paperback that had been destined for the rubbish bin :)  What a great idea!  I like the cream, brown and neutral tones, and its overall simplicity. Heaven knows what's up with Blogger tonight, just can't get the picture the right way up :)

Friday, 24 June 2011

Stitched button cards

Yesterday, 3 friends and myself got together for a card making day. We each prepared 2 cards, and put together little packs with all the papers, ribbons etc.  We each did 2 demos, so all came away with 6 different cards.  Lots of fun!
This is a card designed by Roz - she loves quilting and all needlecrafts, and incorporates her love of stitching into her hand made cards.  This was a totally different venture for me and I loved it - it reminded me how much I love stitching, and I've resolved to do lots more.  Here's the card :-

The backing material is a very pretty blue floral print, with an overlay of fine muslin.  The buttons, stitched on in the shape of a heart, were assorted buttons snipped off her hubby's old shirts :)  A little bow was added as a finishing touch.

I was so taken with it, I made another card last night, to give to the owners of my local cardmaking shop - they are celebrating their 10th anniversary in business.  Sue and Phil, who run the business, are becoming good friends of mine.  I enjoy doing courses there.
Hopefully you can see that the buttons are sewn on in the shape of "10", and there are actually 10 buttons in the design.  I just raided my button tin - it's a box that came to me from my mum, and I add to it all the time.

Birthday book

I made this card on a course earlier this week. It's actually made out of a piece of 12" x 12" scrapbooking card, folded so that there are 16 squares, cuts made, and then folded to make this little book :)

I then stamped out some images and glued them in place, e.g.

This is how it looks opened out :-

I finished off the back and front with some gold mirri-card, and added a little butterfly punched out of some co-ordinating card.  The ribbon was stuck down underneath the backing card.
Each page is different - all that's left to do is to add on the recipient's name - it's probably going to be sent to my eldest niece for her birthday.

Hope you like it - it was a lot of fun to make :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

At last - a card to share!

Had a really great afternoon at a card making class - really great to finally have time to indulge my love of papercrafting.
This is one of the cards: It incorporated some basic origami, folding the card to make a kind of box for the card inside.  Sorry the photos aren't great - had to use my iPhone as I've mislaid the lead for my camera to connect to the computer.  I'll add some more this next day or so.
 Above is the card, fastened up in it's little box frame

Bow untied, revealing the card inside

I rubber stamped the brown backing card with Versamark ink, which gives a nice watermarked effect.

We used some gorgeous Kanban scrapbooking card to make the box frame - the basic pictures here truly don't do it justice.

Back tomorrow with another card we made.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hello again!

Well tonight I'm going to round up some card making stuff ready for a course on Tuesday, and still need to plan out 2 cards to make on Wednesday.  There are 4 of us meeting on Weds, and we're each going to demo 2 cards and bring the materials to make them.  That way, we're sharing lots of ideas and will come home inspired to be creative!
I really need these 2 days - last week turned out to be a stressful one for lots of reasons, especially getting the news that a dear friend had had a bad fall and was in hospital with a broken arm and shattered wrist!  I'm going to make her a get well card - she's so enthusiastic and full of praise about my efforts.
More later this week - please keep following, as I hope to have some lovely cards to share soon.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Checking in!

Still no card making time - not a happy bunny!
I've had to devote a lot of my energy towards getting my business venture running - and it has all snowballed recently: meeting with a magazine publisher to promote my business, meetings with small businesses to see how we work together, a radio stint tomorrow.... and so it goes.
However, next week will be crafting heaven - a day course, followed by a day with crafty friends making cards.  I shall be back next week to share some of the cards I've made!  Hope to 'see' you then :)