Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Still no time for card making or blogging!  I've been really busy getting my promotional materials ready for a business fair at the weekend, where I'll be launching my new business.
Having contacted various printers for prices - and being horrified at what they wanted to charge - I decided to make my own business brochures!
I got a huge pack of 180 gsm card for a knockdown price of £1 from Staples!!  Just a pound, as it was a discontinued line.  Having designed a trifold brochure, I printed them out and it was easy scoring and folding them as I have a scoring board I use for card making. It made it very quick and easy.  Total cost to make 250 brochures came to around £20 (which included ink cartridges) - hell of a lot cheaper than the £100+ quoted by the printing companies :)
Life calms down again after the weekend, so I just can't wait to get back to crafting next week!

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