Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Couple of cards from my class today.  We used Tim Holz dies for this first one - the banner part with the name on is suspended by jump rings, so it swings back and forth like a pub sign.  If you're reading this Paul, it's for your birthday next year :) 
This next one's quite an unusual design of easel card, and so it folds flat to go in an envelope.
The 'button' in the corner is actually a flattened metal bottle top, which cuttlebug'd flat beautifully! Once it was flattened, it was stuck onto a circular sticker, and we then added a smaller sticker, jewel bead, and covered it all in dimension glue. There's a close up at the bottom of this post.  Pretty cute!

 Both of these were out of my comfort zone - but that's the beauty of a class, learning different methods and combining different materials.

Here's a close up of that 'button' :-

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